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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Administrative Side

DIETETIC INTERNSHIP: Weeks 20 - 23 (of 41)
Management: Weeks 20 & 21
Professional Development: Week 22
Research: Week 23

The Registered Dietitian’s exam includes various managerial topics, from theory (Maslow, Herzberg) to application (human v. technical v. practical skills).  In a pair with fellow intern Nick, we spent two weeks working with two different managers:  the Chief (of Nutrition & Food Services), and the Clinical Manager.  The tasks ranged from disciplinary proceedings meetings to face-time-only-required meetings to rudimentary analysis of current Clinical Dietitian medical chart documentation.  Meh.  While many people at my age are ready to progress beyond the day-to-day operations in their respective career and move into management, my feelings are slightly ill timed.  I suppose because the dietetics fields is a career change for me, I am entirely interested in solely patient care at this time.  Or perhaps I just want to stay away from financial analysis any time soon!?!  Regardless of sentiment, I like healthcare!

As part of “Professional Development” week, I had my very first trip to Nashville as an adult!  We traveled to “The Hill,” i.e. the State Capitol, and lobbied on behalf of the dietetics field.  Seriously!  We met with our Memphis representatives, eavesdropped on random proceedings and hearings, and generally acted like school kids running through politics.  More tangible productivity was also had the following day while attending the Tennessee Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual conference.  The focused lectures ranged from self-development and self-actualization to sports nutrition to opening private practice.  Also this week, I had a mock interview with my superiors, a panel of 4 interviewees.  While at UF (a looonnngg time ago), I became something of an interviewing expert during booming economic times.  Little did I realize that that my skills had looonnngg since faced, and in fact I was back to the starting gate.  As silly as I initially perceived this mock interview among people I knew well, I sweated bullets and gained so much from it.  I will soon be faced with “real” interviews, so having a practice session was invaluable.  Perhaps next time I can limit the nervous sweating!  L

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