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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A coffee a day makes a registered dietitian?

At the end of the day on July 19th, I was officially unemployed.  My dietetic internship was complete, I was a few weeks away from eligibility to take the Registered Dietitian exam (paperwork, etc), and I had a lot of studying to do BEFORE I would be prepared.  Alas once again I was a student with no job and at that moment, no credentials.  In the words of Scooby doo, “Ruh roh.”
After a few days of non-sense and reclaiming my house after 4 weeks of disorganization madness during Staff Relief and Graduation week, I embarked upon the daunting task of studying.  The RD exam costs a few hundred dollars to take it and I only intended to take it ONCE.  Each Dietetic Internship program (in my case, the Memphis VAMC) is ranked by multiple components, including the first-time pass rate of its graduates.  The Memphis Director let it be known that thus far she had a 100% success rate (against a national average of ~82%) and that she Would. Not. Accept. Anything. Less.  Fear tactic.  It totally worked.  That, and I am very thrifty.