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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Home with open arms

3.5 months out of these 2 bags.
All repacked and ready to go in Cape Town
Alas, after nearly 3.5 months in South Africa, my inaugural visit here has ended.  It was with ambivalence that I entered the airport destined for my home country, leaving behind a newfound home.  South Africa has much beauty in its natural landscape and people, and it would take little convincing to move to some cities.  I would readily move to CapeTown, but many other cities, such as intense Johannesburg, would take a lot of persuasion.  The country still has a long walk to economic and social equality, but continues to progress in the right direction.  Overall, my impression remains: I would like to travel to this “Rainbow Nation” again.

Next stop?  33 hours and 24 minutes of flights and layovers.  Cape Town à Johannesburg à Frankfurt à Chicago à Orlando.  I went through security 5 times, two times of which my bags were subjected to a bomb search.  (I was negative both times!)  I can blame this double treat to bringing home two carved ostrich eggs...