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Friday, August 30, 2013

Hair Shopping

When I travel or move to a new place, I am a Tourist, Explorer, Dweller, and Shopper.  When it comes to shopping, my favorite way to spend time and money are at grocery stores and farmer’s markets.  I know, I know, the stereotypical female gods now scream blasphemy as clothes nor malls have entered this favorite list!  Alas, one of my favorite (economical) shopping centers in Memphis has a Kroger, Wal-Mart & Goodwill; I usually park in the middle and stretch my legs walking the parking lot between the stores.  

Yesterday after work, I parked in my standard mid-spot, and walked the 7 or so minutes to Goodwill.  Just as I was about to enter I heard, “Excuse me! Excuse me!”  I assumed directions were needed, but instead was met with a much different non-interrogatory response.  “You are simply beautiful!  Beautiful!” exclaimed a smiling older man.  A childish smile embraced my face. J

I did my shopping, coveting some excellent finds, including original hand-blown glasses ($0.79 each!) and a vintage purse.  As I strolled out of Goodwill, I noticed a piece of faux hair on the sidewalk…. “Uh oh, somebody lost a chunk of hair,” I mused to myself.  Into the street, more hair.  Into the parking lot, an entire HEAD of hair blown behind a car tire.  “Uh oh, somebody got in a fight and had their hair ripped out!”

(Important note: There is a store next to the Goodwill that specializes in wigs, weaves, and hair extensions!)

About the time I passed by the clump of hair in the parking lot and giggled to myself the peculiarity of this situation, I heard a child’s voice yelling.  “Hey! Hey!”  I turned around, realizing the voice was directed at me.  She was leaning out of a parked car window, curiously one car away from the big clump of hair madness.  “I like your herrrr!” (sic, “hair”)


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