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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Three Lighthouse Weekend

Who knew New Zealand and Australia would be so busy? As the sole TA for 45 study abroad students, plus designing and teaching two 3.5 hour biology labs every week, I have been busy trying to cram in personal time. Have no fear, I have made plans for weekends on the North and South Island galore!
After the beauty of the gannets, then the soothing Art Deco town of Napier, I wandered to a NZ brewery! TUI is kind of like the Miller of the US, complete with lots of funny advertisements in the form of “yeah right” slogans on everything from billboards to buses:

Summer is more than just beers, BBQ’s and bikinis. Yeah right.
I was reading her t-shirt. Yeah right.
I want to hear all about your day. Yeah right.
I’m really keen to see your mother again. Yeah right.
Beer doesn’t really go with that. Yeah right.
It’s getting too cold for beer. Yeah right.