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Monday, November 25, 2013

Memphis: World Championship Barbecue Competition

What a riotous event!  Sheer gluttony!  A weekend dedicated entirely to … BARBECUE!
After work on Friday, I quickly headed to the Mississippi River in search of myoglobin-outlined perfection.  After a 10-minute weaving search for free parking, I stepped out of my car… into what seemed like a meat smoker of goodness.  ALL of Downtown Memphis: Smelled. Like. Barbecue.  WOW!!  I am not kidding. 

You should know that I only eat meat a few times a week for health and ethical reasons– but when I do eat meat, it is often barbecue driven.  I love barbecue.  (I also love pattied sausage, but that is for another post.)  This new downtown aroma smelled like heaven! 

When it comes to barbecue, I have always been a lover, but I have my preferences.  I have never been a huge fan of ribs; they just haven’t had the right taste and texture for me; I am more of a pulled pork kind of girl.  Well all of this changed on Friday & Saturday... 

Welcome to Memphis in May  2013 World Championship Barbecue Competition!
Creative BBQ team names!
Thousands of competitors are on ‘teams’ that complete for various BBQ categories from ribs to whole hog to best tent (see categories and winners here ).  Each team has a ‘tent’ for cooking and, most importantly, for partying.  Team sizes range from 5 to 50, and tent sizes are up to 2 stories tall!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Tell Me What You Eat

DIETETIC INTERNSHIP: Weeks 31, 32 & 35 (of 41)
Foodservice Systems:  Weeks 31 - 32
Culinary : Week 35

Where do Registered Dietitian’s work?  As of Oct 2013, there are approximately 89,000 RDs in the US and abroad, the vast majority of which (~70%) are employed in a clinical field (healthcare in hospitals, long-term care facilities, etc).  The other main RD fields are foodservice systems, and school foodservice.  Research and community dietetics round out the list.  Unquestionably, the preponderance of public opinion associates RDs commonly with “food” only despite its low occupancy.

     As soon as I utter the words “Dietitian,” most people:
             a) pat their belly or hips, grumbling out regrets regarding dietary intake;
             b) recall what was consumed at the last several meals; and/or
             c) silently, yet assuredly, bring food and weight to mind.
     It has not taken long to recognize this repeating response. :(