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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Sadly, this blog has not seen a lot of action in the past two years... Alas, it is time for a change!

With much trepidation, two days ago I purchased a ticket to.....................................

Departure date: June 18th, and return not until THREE AND A HALF months later!

What in the world will I do for 3 months?  The semi-plan: 6 weeks volunteering at a wildlife rescue center in/near Kruger National Park (more on that later), and 7 weeks traveling from Johannesburg to Durban, then along the eastern and western cape of Africa from Durban to Cape Town.  With the exception of being accepted as a volunteer with the wildlife rescue center, the remaining 7 weeks are relatively unplanned.

Right now I am full of fear, excitement, anxiety, nervousness, energy, intrigue, and utter bewilderment.  In essence, exactly the same as always.  I have big adventures ahead of me!