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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Save the world one hug at a time?

On greeting people... 

What is your typical greeting?  It seems that if you don't know someone, you often give a handshake.  Know them a little bit, then "hello".  Know them a little more, probably still a smile and hello.  Know them a lot, then most likely a pat-on-the-back hug.  I like the hug part best.  But it's starting to get a little "standard".  Here's what I mean…

Earlier this week a friend of mine, sensing a little sadness from me, tells me I am in need of a hug.  She throws her arms around me and gives me a huge hug, one of those that really mean something.  It wasn't one of those standard half-hearted "hello" hugs.  It was a big one that makes you feel warm inside and that everything is going to be 'ok'.  It sticks with you later, and you are grateful to have that friend. 

Maybe it's been a while since I really needed a big ol' hug?  Or maybe it's been a while since I've actually gotten one that someone really meant?  What I'm saying here… I think we need more of those Big Hugs regularly in life.  They feel good to receive AND to give.  I think we'd all be happier, if nothing else for a few moments, to pass along big hugs.

It should be noted that my Big Hug Giver girl is not exactly a big ol' girl; she's a petite softball player with an injured shoulder.  It doesn't take a bear of a person to give a meaningful hug.  SO in honor of my sudden realization, I am going to incorporate more hugs into my days and nights (except at the gym—yuck!)  Watch out, Jessie's on the hug rampage now!!!  And if I forget, please remind with one in return!