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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Furry, cuddly, scaly, scary!

New Zealand has its nearly endangered living fossil, the tuatara; its namesake, the nocturnally elusive kiwi, and 35 million sheep. All impressive, no question, but let’s just face it… How many people oooh and ahhhh over scaly dinosaur ancestors, spotted little birds that are never seen, or mutton on the dinner plate? Move over New Zealand, Australia is putting up some power in the “cute” department! Cuddly koalas, boxing kangaroos and rainbowed lorikeets, oh my!

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary plays wonderful home to over 130 koalas, as the name suggests, but also a host of other creatures from kangaroos galore, wallabies, tasmanian devils, and even a few saltwater crocodiles! I stayed away from the dingos, devils and crocs, but I did get up close (and cuddly) with the other furries. I just cannot express how enchanted I was / have become with these creatures of Down Under, particularly the kangaroo. I took pictures of them at every angle, lied down with them, hopped along… I have had the opportunity to get to know some remarkable animals, and hope you can appreciate them too!

Pix Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Rock wallaby

Cassowary - world's most dangerous bird

Grey kangaroo

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