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Friday, October 16, 2009

Going Native

I forgot to tell you all about my experience post-busting my butt on Mount Taranaki! (From blog post: The Big One)
Remember my 3 hour hike down Mount Taranaki, and my butt-busting experience on the rock? After I got down off the volcano, I drove 2 hours south to Wanganui to stay in a great YHA hostel there for the night, and have a Sunday on the Whanganui River (“wh” is pronounced “f” like “ph”). First person I see? The same gal that I shared a room with the previous night outside Taranaki, and we are sharing a room again! (love this small country!) Turns out she is a transplanted doctor from Pakistan that has been in England and Ireland for the past 6 years, and now practicing in NZ. We are also sharing a room with another woman, whom we’ll call “Sue”. Sue is a very tall New Zealand native with a curious nighttime ritual.
The night winds down as the three of us chat on about our weekend adventures and other NZ plans. During this, Sue has prepped us for her middle of the night ritual, and has placed a banana and box of raisins next to her bed.

Sue:           “I used to eat chuppies and biccies, but now I try to eat something healthier…”
Jessie:        HUH? (trying to stiffle language confusion)
                   Um, what are “chuppies and biccies”?? Wait, What? What are you eating?
Sue:           Ohhh… It must be my accent. Chippies and biccies…
                  (Translation = chips and cookies)
Jessie:       When?
Sue:           Ohhh, sometime during the night.
Jessie:       Whaaaaaat?

Let’s just say that I was DEFINITELY confused, went on to ask her many additional questions, remained confused, but my butt was hurting me so bad while sitting on the floor that I raised my eyebrows, giggled, and just went with it. I slept hard all night long, and got out of bed before everyone else in the morning. In the community kitchen Sue joined me during breakfast breakfast.
Jessie: “Did you sleep well? Did you eat your banana and raisins?”
Sue: “Oh yes, I was awake and eating them early this morning about when you got up to use the restroom.”

Yeaaaahhhh, I asked her A LOT more questions during breakfast. Four months later, and I am still just as mystified.

GREAT photos from a 2-day weekend when I went sailing in Sydney Harbour with several of the students:

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