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Friday, August 3, 2007

A little slice of heaven---

Bonjour à tous!

Two weeks ago my boss and her husband picked me up early one Sunday for an entire day adventure in the French Alps, the Mer de Glace (Sea of Ice – the biggest glacier in the world apparently), the summit of Mont Blanc, which is Europe’s highest peak, and to Lake Annecy.  The views were absolutely beyond belief.  I had to pinch myself a time or two.  What a magnificent Sunday!

I got very snap-happy and took a ton of pictures of the Alps.  I took pictures from the car on the way there, a ton while sitting at a great café while we all drank wine to warm ourselves up (it was freezing up there, like 38°F),  while hanging out of the mountain train that took us up, while hiking in the Alps, more from the car on our way to Annecy, then beautiful sunset pictures near our outdoor dinner sitting on Lake  Annecy!  (WHEW!)  Some might look duplicative, but you understand I’m sure!  Link below---

I have rented a car for 2 of my friends and me to drive to Marseilles tonight/this weekend.  I am scared for the other drivers on the road when this American gets behind the wheel… ha!  Here I come French soap, Mediterranean, French Riviera and fish, fish, fish!  I’ve heard you can buy freshly made soap in 40kg bars??  At least I’ll be clean.

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