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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Grapes or oranges for breakfast?

My first weekend market haul... all for about $5!
 It is cheaper to buy a bottle of wine than a quart of orange juice.  Naturally yesterday morning when I went to buy breakfast at the supermarket and pick up a baguette at the bakery, I bought a bottle of wine.  Grapes and oranges – both fruits, after all.  Ok fine, so I bought a quart of orange juice too (for 1.69 euros) and a bottle of red (for 1.29 euros).  I drank the OJ in the morning and the wine at night, a nice compromise.

As with all languages, if you change one little letter, or add an accent were there isn’t one, your entire statement changes.  Today I told my building manager that, from my issued linens, my blanket was dirty, but instead said, “My blanket is salty; I’ll need a different one.”  I found a gym today and got some info/prices.  I told the sales guy that, for my occupation in France , I was an intern, but instead said “I am a building floor lift.”  How special.

French countryside at 200+ mph
France has a version of American Idol; they call it American Dreamz (yes, that’s a “z”).  Everyone sings American songs.  I can understand most of their english, but this guy just sang “Tainted Love” and I had no idea what language he was screaming.  The judges just told him he was absolutely fantastic.  There are some confused people over here.

My first 3 work days were spent via the TGV (200+ mph) train to the north of France in a microbiology lab.  Today I went on a 7 hour walk around the city, and my legs are telling me they’ve had enough.  Took lots of pictures though, and saw the most amazing Basilica ever.

Here is where I live!! (Click me!)
Takes you to exactly where I live - very cool!  Zoom out to see where Lyon is in France (SE, by the way!).

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